Trending 10 Wavy Long Hair Man to Try in 2024

Wavy long hair man have a distinct charm that sets them apart in the realm of hairstyles. The trend of wavy hairstyles for men continues to gain popularity. Wavy hair effortlessly combines elegance and adds appeal to your character, making it a preferred choice among stylish men in the realm of grooming.

Styling wavy long hair man can be tricky. Some guys have thick hair with tight curls, or they might have frizz and flyaways that change with the weather. But with the right haircut and products, any guy can look and feel great.

“Stylists like Samantha Lepre and Mark Alan Esparza have some fantastic wavy hairstyle ideas for guys to try.”

Discover a range of fantastic wavy hairstyles for men below, with plenty of expert tips to help you achieve your preferred texture.

10 Wavy Long Hair Man

Here is the list of wavy long hair man:

1: Long Wavy Hair Man

Guys who have long wavy hair can show off how cool it looks by just letting it hang down naturally. Long wavy hair gives a really cool and effortless style. Sometimes, they can make it even cooler by adding braids or loose waves to make it more interesting.

2: Slicked Back Wavy Hair

Get a classy and cool look by slicking back your wavy long hair. This hairstyle is great for work or fancy occasions, giving you a stylish vibe with a bit of edge.

3: Glossy Wavy Hair

A wavy long hair man like actor Adam Brody can style his waves with a slick-back look. Having some facial hair helps balance the style and keeps it from looking too neat.

There aren’t strict rules about getting wavy hair, but it’s important to think about a few things. Wavy hair can look good on any face shape, but it needs the right haircut that fits the person’s bone structure.

4: Short Afro Wavy Hair

A wavy long hair man like Alfred Enoch balances his subtle afro with some facial hair. This natural style doesn’t need much styling, but using a good conditioner helps keep the curls smooth.

5: Wavy Hair

This style is like an updated E-boy haircut. The sides are cut short, showing off the upper ears. On top, there are lots of wavy layers styled in different ways to make it look cool and interesting.

The hairstylist suggests using Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist ($36) to get messy wavy hair. To use it, spray it on your roots and mid-section of your hair, then work it through to the ends.

6: Shag Wavy Hair

Timothée Chalamet has long, wavy hair to make it look a bit messy but still stylish. You can try making your hair like his by using a flat iron to turn some of your curls into wider waves. Another way is to blow-dry your hair with a diffuser to make it look thicker and wavier.

To keep your hair in place, you can use R+Co’s Chiffon Styling Mousse ($36). It’s a light mousse that adds volume, body, and shine to your hair.

7: Pompadour Wavy Hair

A man with wavy long hair, Harry Styles, rocks a pompadour on top and shorter waves on the sides. Create the desired look on the top using items such as Sachajuan’s Hair Wax ($34), aiding in maintaining longer strands pushed back and distinct from the sides. Additionally, a texturizing cream was applied to the sides to shape the waves.

8: High Fade Wavy Hair

This haircut is very close to the skin on the sides and back, getting looser as it moves up. On top, there’s wavy hair, made shiny with a special hair product called pomade. The pomade also helps to bring out the waves, which go in different ways.

9: Classic Middle Part Wavy Hair

This hairdo is like a new version of the old middle part, but with wavy bangs for a cool touch. It’s good for those with big foreheads who want to even things out. It’s an easy style where you just let your hair be itself. Use Prose Curl Cream ($350) on damp hair to make your waves defined and shiny while keeping them safe from frizz.

10: Grown Out Wavy Hair

In his look, Dev Patel has a grown-out shag style, made by texturizing with scissors to keep the length the same all around, but adding some depth with layers. For this style, just put a styling product on wet waves and let them air dry.

R+Co’s High Dive Moisture & Shine Creme ($34) is great for thick curls. It has enough weight and moisture to make the curls stick together nicely and prevent frizz. For extra definition, Eco Style Professional Styling Gel ($4) can be added on top.

Is Wavy Hair Good For Men?

Wavy long hair standout feature that catches attention and can completely transform your look. With wavy locks, you can effortlessly switch between laid-back styles and more refined ones, giving you versatility in your appearance.

Whether you prefer beachy waves or a sleek tousled look, your wavy hair is sure to make a statement and leave a lasting impression. Many people, especially girls, admire the charm of wavy hair on men, so rock it with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Style Long Wavy Hair Men?

Apply a medium-hold styling product to damp hair. You can scrunch your hair as you put it on or use a wide-tooth comb to define your waves. To make your hair look polished, try styling it with a side part or slicked-back style.

What Are Some Key Styling Tips For Waves Long Hair Men?

Waves long hair men can achieve a stylish look by applying a medium-hold styling product to damp hair, scrunching as they go or using a wide-tooth comb to define waves. For a more polished appearance, they can consider styling with a side part or slicked-back style.

What Are Some Popular Wavy Long Hair Men Styles?

Some popular styles for wavy long hair men include the slicked-back look, beach waves, tousled waves, and the textured crop. These styles offer versatility and can be tailored to suit different preferences and occasions.


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