Trendy Mid Taper Black Man Haircut for 2024

Mid taper black man haircuts are a popular choice among black man for their versatility and timeless appeal. It’s a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion and allows you to express your unique personality.

Whether you have short, medium or long Hair, the mid taper fade can be customized to suit your individual style. In this article, we’ll discuss the latest trends in mid taper fade haircuts for black man.

From classic to modern styles, we’ll explore different options and showcase cool designs for short hair, and intricate patterns. Discover the newest styles for mid taper fades and learn how to make a statement with your new look in 2024.

8 Short Mid Taper Black Man

Short haircuts with a mid taper fade for black man give you a classy yet confident style. Whether you go for the classic buzz cut, a crew cut with cool line designs, or a textured crop with a sharp line-up, they all blend smoothly into a mid taper fade, making you look sharp and modern.

1: Mid Taper with 360 Waves Hairstyle 

Many black man like the 360 waves hairstyle nowadays. It makes their hair have neat, uniform waves in a circle on their head.

This style makes their hair look smooth and shiny, showing off how their natural hair looks. But, they have to take care of their hair regularly to keep the waves looking good.

2: Mid Taper with Afro Hawk 

The Afro Hawk with a mid taper is a cool hairstyle for black.It mixes the curly hair of an afro with the boldness of a mohawk. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s a way for black man to show who they are with confidence and style.

3: Mid Taper Fade with Low Afro 

The low afro with a mid taper fade is a stylish choice for black man who want to find a balance between looking natural and looking neat.

This haircut has short sides that blend smoothly into a low afro on top. It’s a great way to show off the natural texture of the hair while still looking modern and well-groomed. That’s why many people like it’s both relaxed and sharp.

4: Mid Taper Fade with Curly Crop 

Show off your curly hair’s natural texture with a short top and mid taper fade. This hairstyle celebrates the special texture of curly hair and gives a young, trendy look. It’s a favorite among black boys who want a modern and personalized haircut.

5: Mid Taper Fade with High Top 

If you like a mix of boldness and a classy haircut, consider the high top with mid taper fade. This haircut pays homage to old-school African-American barbering while adding a modern touch, so you get a fresh and stylish look.

6: Mid Taper Fade with Textured Crop 

For a textured look, try a cropped hairstyle with a mid taper fade. Make it even sharper with a defined line up. Lots of black guys like this trendy mid fade haircut.

7: Mid Taper Fade with Crew Cut 

Black guys can make their mid taper fade haircut look even cooler by pairing it with a crew cut and adding some creative line designs on the sides. This gives a classic haircut a modern and artistic twist.

8: Mid Taper Fade with Buzz Cut 

The Buzz Cut is a favorite mid taper fade haircut for black guys with short hair. It’s easy to style, classic, and a low-maintenance haircut. It reflects confidence and a straightforward attitude.

4 Medium Mid Taper Black Man

The medium mid taper is a great haircut for black man because it’s both classy and modern. It means the hair gets shorter gradually on the sides and back, making it look clean and neat.

Usually, it includes a cool style on top, like a pompadour, a dreadlock bun, or a stylish quiff, all blending nicely with the mid taper fade. The medium length on top lets you style it in different ways, like with curls, waves, or keeping it neat.

1: Mid Taper Fade with Sponge Twist

Make your natural curls look even better with sponge twists on top and a mid taper fade on the sides. This haircut gives your hair texture by using a sponge twist technique. It makes your curls stand out while the mid taper fade makes the sides look clean and sharp.

2: Mid Taper Fade with Quiff 

The quiff with mid taper fade is a classy option for black guys with medium-length hair. It adds sophistication and refines your look. This mix of a classic quiff and taper fade works well for different events, giving man with textured hair a stylish and cool hairstyle.

3: Mid Taper Fade with Dreadlock Bun 

The dreadlock bun paired with a mid taper fade is a stylish choice for black men with medium-length hair. You can make your dreadlocks look extra special by styling them into a neat bun, and keep the sides clean with a mid taper fade for a sharp finish.

4: Mid Taper Fade with Disconnected Pompadour

The disconnected pompadour with a mid taper is a cool hairstyle that suits black guys or anyone else. It mixes a classic pompadour with a modern touch. This haircut makes your hair look fuller and adds personality to your style.

3: Long Mid Taper Black Man

Long mid taper haircuts for black guys give a stylish look by mixing length with a tapered finish. This haircut has longer hair on top, so you can style it in different ways, like curls or twists.

The mid taper makes the sides and back look clean and polished. It’s a trendy hairstyle that combines modern style with cultural expression, so it’s a favorite for guys who want a cool and meaningful look.

1: Mid Taper Fade with Man Bun 

Try out the man bun trend but keep the sides neat with a mid taper fade for a balanced and stylish look.

2: Mid Taper Fade with Curls

The mid fade with curls is a haircut where the sides gradually get shorter, making them look neat and smooth. The top and back have longer curls, which adds texture to the style. Many people like this haircut because it’s stylish and has a cool look.

3: Mid Taper Fade with Box Braids 

If you have long hair, you can try styling box braids with a mid taper fade. This gives you a unique and cool look. The braids add a cultural touch, while the mid taper fade makes it look modern and edgy.

2 Bonus Mid Taper Black Man

1: Mid Taper Fade with Dyed Tips 

Try adding some color to your style by dyeing the tips of your hair. Combine this with a mid taper fade for a bright and modern but cool look.

2: Mid Taper Fade with Designs Back 

Make your mid taper fade even cooler by adding fancy designs at the back. This makes your haircut look more artistic.


In 2024, the mid taper fade continues to be popular among black man for their hair, offering both style and versatility. These hairstyles not only display a bold and contemporary appearance but also embrace individuality.

Whether opting for a clean-cut style or trying out creative designs, these mid taper fades effortlessly showcase the varied and ever-changing trends in black man’s hairstyles in the current era.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Better High Or Low Taper?

Choosing between a low taper and a high taper haircut ultimately depends on your personal preferences and what makes you feel comfortable. If you prefer a more subdued appearance, a low taper might be the better choice. However, if you’re someone who likes to make a bold statement, a high taper could be the perfect fit for you.

What Is A Mid Taper Fade?

With a mid-taper fade, there’s a distinct line that extends roughly half an inch above and behind the ears. A barber will use clippers to determine the best length for you. This haircut offers an attractive option for those with curly hair.

What Is A Taper Fade Afro?

Tapering is a method used by barbers to transition hair from one length to another. As the hair meets the skin, it gradually blends in, creating a fading effect. Tapering is a common practice in barbering and is often applied even without explicit request.

What Is A Mid Taper Haircut For Black Men With Curly Hair?

A mid taper haircut for black men with curly hair is a style where the hair gradually gets shorter towards the neckline and sides while keeping more length on top, blending the natural texture of curly hair with a clean and polished appearance.

What Is A Mid Taper Haircut For Black Males With Waves?

It’s a hairstyle where the hair gets shorter towards the sides and back while keeping longer waves on top, giving a clean and polished look.

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