Mgk Man Bun Hairstyle To Try it in 2024

Machine Gun Kelly, often called MGK, is known for his unique hairstyles. One of his notable looks is the MGK man bun. This hairstyle keeps his hairdresser busy and adds to his diverse style choices. With his medium-length hair and stylish man bun, MGK continues to showcase his evolving fashion sense.

“Even though people have different opinions about his hairstyles, Machine Gun Kelly always keeps his look interesting. He recently rocked a medium-length hair with a piecey man bun, adding a fresh twist to his appearance, especially on the red carpet.”

But, a quick word of caution to MGK with rumors circulating about a hair transplant, let’s hope he’s giving those newly revitalized locks plenty of care.

Considering all the coloring, heavy product usage, and heat styling in his looks, it’s crucial to ensure those hair follicles stay healthy for the long run.

“A hairstyle with extra hair products, like the wispy updos popular among famous women in the 1990s, such as Alicia Silverstone.”

Hair Styling Products and Prices

 Anforh Texture Volume Spray  £24.00
 Beach Comber Sea Salt Styling Paste  £20.00
 Brickell Men’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for Men  £13.00
 Dapper Dan Super Hold Ultra Matt Clay  £10.21
 Stylocks Mini Hair Straightener for Short Hair  £17.59


Simple Haircare and Maintenance for Mgk Man Bun

  • Machine Gun Kelly’s hair is of medium length and often styled in a piecey man bun, reaching the top of his collar when down.
  • It features choppy layers of varying lengths, giving it a shaggy appearance reminiscent of the 70s.
  • His hair has been professionally bleached blonde to achieve an even tone throughout, without any yellowish patches near the roots.
  • Regular touch-ups are required every four weeks to maintain color vibrancy and address regrowth.
  • Machine Gun Kelly’s medium-length hair with a piecey man bun relies heavily on hair products for its style.
  • It’s best to style the hair on the second or third day after washing, but if washing is necessary, opt for a sea salt shampoo and skip conditioner.
  • After washing, gently towel dry the hair and apply a heat protectant product throughout.
  • Evenly distribute a sea salt spray or preferred texture product throughout the hair.
  • Style the front of the hair backward using a blow dryer and gather it into a small bun secured with a small elastic band.
  • Leave out chunky strands of hair on both sides of the bun.
  • Straighten each pulled-down strand using small hair straighteners.
  • Finish by applying a matte paste, clay, or wax to the strands and liberally spritzing with a high-hold hairspray.

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