Indian Long Hair Style Man To Try it in 2024

Nowadays Indian long hair style man are paying more attention to how they style their hair and keep themselves looking neat. Some Bollywood actors have sported long hair with style and confidence. Let’s take a closer look at the latest trends in hairstyles.

Here are 8 fantastic hairstyles for Indian men that are not only fashionable but also practical. These hairstyles can be worn for various occasions, whether it’s a casual hangout or a formal event.

Indian Long Hair Style Man Photos

8 Indian Long Hair Style Man

1: Undercut Indian Long Hair Style Man

Shumangill, who sports an Undercut Hairstyle and has an oval or square face shape with straight or wavy hair. To get the look he using a strong hold pomade or wax is ideal for styling. The undercut hairstyle, a trending choice in men’s grooming, has gained popularity in India as well.

It involves shaving the sides and back, creating a striking contrast with longer hair on top. This style is ideal for men seeking a low-maintenance haircut with a modern twist. It suits most face shapes and works well for both casual and corporate settings.

2: Slicked Back Indian Long Hair Style Man

Saif Ali Khan, who has a slicked-back hairstyle, has an oval or heart-shaped face and straight or wavy hair. To get the look, it’s recommended to use an ultra-shine pomade. The slicked-back hairstyle remains a classic and versatile option It entails combing the hair away from the face, resulting in a smooth and neat appearance.

This timeless style can add sophistication to your look and personality. If you’re an Indian man with long hair, trying out the slicked-back look is a fantastic choice for any event.

3: Pompadour Indian Long Hair Style Man

Ranveer Singh rocks the Pompadour Hairstyle, a trendy choice for Indian men with long hair. His face shape is usually oval or round, and his hair is straight or wavy. To get the look, he uses a medium hold cream or pomade.

The Pompadour Hairstyle is super popular. It’s all about having longer hair on top that gets brushed up and back, giving it a big and fancy appearance. This style can be changed to suit different face shapes by tweaking how long the hair is, how high it’s brushed, and how it’s styled.

4: Man Bun Indian Long Hair Style Man

Samraat Choudhary sports the Man Bun Hairstyle, a cool option for Indian long hair style men. His face shape is usually oval or square, and his hair can be straight or curly. To get the look, he uses a hair tie for the bun and hair serum for loose strands.

The Man Bun Hairstyle is trendy among Indian men with long hair who want a fresh and modern look. This style involves gathering long hair on the top of the head and tying it up into a bun.

In India, where we have a mix of different cultures, the Man Bun adds a modern twist to traditional styles, appealing to those who like a blend of old and new.

5: Long and Wavy Indian Long Hair Style Man

Bhuvan Bam, known as bhuvan.bam22, rocks a Long and Wavy Hairstyle. His face shape usually falls into the categories of oval or heart, and his hair naturally has waves or curls. To get the look, he uses a leave-in conditioner or a cream that enhances curls for a defined look.

The Long and Wavy Hairstyle is all about being stylish and carefree. Many people, including Indian celebrities, athletes, and creators, love this trend. For example, former Indian cricketer MS Dhoni has been spotted sporting this charming hairstyle. Similarly, Bhuvan Bam, a popular content creator, has also shown off a long and wavy look from time to time.

This hairstyle’s versatility allows Indian men to show their unique style while staying trendy in the ever-changing world of fashion and grooming.

6: Braided Indian Long Hair Style Man

Prat loves his Braided Hairstyle. His face shape usually falls into the categories of oval or heart, and his hair is long and either straight or wavy. To get the look, he uses a light hold styling gel or pomade.

Braided hairstyles are becoming more and more popular among men in India. They bring a fresh and diverse vibe to men’s grooming. There are so many options with braids – you can have a single braid or try out multiple braided styles. Sometimes, people even add accessories like beads or colorful threads to make the look even cooler.

In India, embracing braids shows that people are open to trying out different hairstyles. It’s a way of breaking away from the usual grooming norms and expressing yourself in a unique way.

7: Straight Shag Indian Long Hair Style Man

Shahid Kapoor rocks the Straight Shag hairstyle. This hairstyle looks good on all face types. Whether your hair is straight or curly, the Straight Shag can work for you.

To get the look, you can use a light styling cream or clay wax for texture if you want. The Straight Shag gives you a cool and stylish look, especially with the chiseled and toned Indian jawline like Shahid Kapoor’s.

For this hairstyle, you have long hair in the front that falls on your forehead, and there are medium layers all over the back.

8: Dreadlocks Indian Long Hair Style Man

Allu Arjun, known as alluarjunonline, flaunts the Disconnected Pompadour. This hairstyle suits oval or square faces and works well with straight or wavy hair. To style this look, you’ll need a strong hold pomade or clay.

The Disconnected Pompadour is all about having a sharp contrast between the big, slicked-back top and the neatly faded sides.

Allu Arjun’s charm perfectly matches this cool yet classy hairstyle, making it a favorite for Indian long hair style men who want a mix of daring and timeless style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Indian Mens Hairstyles For Medium Hair?

Options include the Disconnected Pompadour and the Straight Shag, offering a mix of modern and traditional styles.

What Are Some Indian Hairstyles For Men Focusing On The Back Side?

Include the Undercut, Fade haircut, and Tapered Cut, offering sleek and polished looks.

What Are Some Indian Men’s Hairstyles That Complement A Beard?

indian hair style men with beard include the Classic Pompadour, Slicked-Back Undercut, and Textured Crop, which all pair well with a beard for Indian men.

What Hairstyles Suit Indian Men With Long Hair But No Beard?

Indian long hair style man without beard can try styles like the Man Bun, Braided Hairstyle, or Straight Shag for a polished look.”

What Are Some Popular South Indian Long Hairstyles For Men?

Popular South Indian long hairstyles for men include the traditional “Sikha” braid, “Jata” dreadlocks, and “Alari” parted style with waves. They’re commonly worn at cultural events and weddings.

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